Remote Device Management Software

Inseego Connect

For Inseego Device - Deployment, remote management, and monitoring simplified

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Features & specifications


Streamlined deployment

Remotely configure device settings.

Easy monitoring

Analyze key health metrics, track data usage and device locations

Centralized management

Set data usage alerts, troubleshoot connections, and perform device diagnostics

Informative dashboards

Intuitive overviews of inventory, data usage, device locations, and more

Cloud API support

Device data & diagnostics:

Inventory data (model, firmware, IMEI, etc.)

Hardware data (GPS, battery stats, GPIO readings) *

Network data (signal strength, data usage, etc.) **

Identify trends with configurable charts*

90 days of data storage*

Device configuration:

View and edit all device settings

Bulk configures groups of devices

Store configuration templates in the cloud

Initiate firmware updates

Remotely reboot and factory reset devices


Set alarm priority and schedule when active

Monitor individual or groups of devices

Select recipients for in-app and email alerts

Geofence alerts to detect device movement*

Monitor individual or groups of devices

Select recipients for in-app and email alerts

Geofence alerts to detect device movement*


Overview of the entire device inventory

Insightful usage analytics *

Map view of all device locations*


Export vital data in shareable report format*

Run reports ad-hoc or set a repeating schedule*

User management:

Easily add and delete users

Configurable role-based user permissions*

Supported Inseego devices:

Skyus 140

Skyus 160

MiFi X PRO (M3000)

5G MiFi M2000

MiFi 8000

Inseego Wavemaker™ FG2000

Inseego Wavemaker™ FX2000

Inseego Wavemaker™ FX3100

Inseego Wavemaker™ FW2000

Inseego Wavemaker™ FW2010

Inseego Wavemaker™ S2000

Certain devices do not support Inseego Connect, please contact your Carrier Partner for Device Management Options.

Browser support:




Available plans:

Inseego Connect Basic

Allows customers to use Inseego Connect free with a partial set of features. Go to and click "Sign up now" to get started with your free account.

Inseego Connect Standard

Primarily focused on monitoring device health and remotely configuring devices.

Inseego Connect Advanced

Includes all the standard features plus additional analytics and insights into how devices are being utilized.

Inseego Connect is the best solution in the market for managing Inseego devices.

*Select features available only in Inseego Connect advanced

**Some values may not update with each check-in based on device usage, network conditions, and idle status

Product documentation & support

Product support

Access product documentation for all Inseego devices and software solutions. Here you’ll find our product manuals, quick start guides and user guides, you’ll also find driver and firmware updates.

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