User guide

Inseego Connect tab

Inseego Connect is a multi-tiered device management platform that allows you to deploy, monitor, and manage Inseego IoT devices remotely from the cloud. To learn more about the benefits of Inseego Connect, go to You can sign up for a free Inseego Connect account at

IMPORTANT: After adding a device to Inseego Connect, restart the device immediately. This allows the device to check in and process the registration request.

Cloud Services

By default, the connection to Inseego Connect is ON. Slide the ON/OFF slider to OFF if you wish to disable the connection.

Inseego Connect Status

Connection State: The status of the Inseego Connect connection.

  • UP – FX3100 is communicating with Inseego Connect servers.
  • DOWN – FX3100 is NOT communicating with Inseego Connect servers.

Last Reported: The time when FX3100 last sent a packet to Inseego Connect servers.

Reporting Interval: This is the interval at which your FX3100 will send packets to the Inseego Connect server. NOTE: A shorter interval means more data usage.

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