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What does the BEAD Funding Program offer your organization?

The BEAD program is offering $42.45 billion in funding to all states (including Puerto Rico & other U.S. territories), local governments, and non-profit organizations for the planning and implementation of broadband expansion and adoption projects. This funding aims to increase high-speed internet access in areas that have limited or no broadband services.

Unlock Federal Funding for 5G & cloud management solutions with Inseego

We are a US-based leader in 5G fixed wireless solutions, dedicated to promoting digital inclusion and enhancing connectivity. Our products are manufactured in TAA-compliant countries and supported by our team of US personnel. Our expertise in consultation, technical guidance, and solutions qualify us to assist with federal opportunities, including the Broadband Equity Access and Deployment Program (BEAD).

USA Designed & Developed

FIPS 140-2 Certified

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How does Inseego help in the process of funding?

Provide solutions that qualify for funding

As a provider of 5G fixed wireless access solutions, we are well-equipped to support various initiatives within the BEAD funding program through Code 71. Our outdoor CPEs, MiFi devices, and cellular routers are specifically designed to assist both underserved and entirely unserved communities in meeting the necessary speed standards of 100 Mbps down / 20 Mbps up.

Technical expertise and consultation services

Our 5G technical expertise and consultation is beneficial for BEAD funding program. Our experience and understanding of the latest network technologies make us a valuable partner in helping through the process of implementing high-speed connectivity, reaching and serving marginalized communities, creating equitable broadband solutions, and upgrading existing wireless solutions to 5G.

All our devices are in TAA compliance

All of our 5G FWA solutions are TAA-compliant, ensuring the highest quality and security. This commitment is reflected in our products being designed and developed in the United States, our support personnel all being based in the United States as well, and all components in our products being sourced from TAA-compliant countries. By meeting these strict standards, we not only guarantee the dependability and safety of our equipment but also make it a seamless transition from outdated and non-secure systems.

Leading the way towards a more connected future

Inseego 5G's commitment to bridging the digital divide goes beyond just providing technical expertise and solutions for federal funding programs. We are dedicated to promoting digital inclusivity and equal access to high-speed internet for all. Inseego 5G is proud to play a vital role in bridging the digital divide and helping to create a more connected and equitable future for all.