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Installing a SIM card

A SIM card is a small rectangular plastic card that stores your phone number and important information about your wireless service. The FX3100 supports only Nano SIM cards.

NOTE: If you received the FX3100 from your service provider, the device manufacturer may have pre-installed a SIM card. Please inspect the SIM slots on the back of the device to confirm.

CAUTION! Always use a factory-made SIM card supplied by the service provider. Do not bend or scratch your SIM card. Avoid exposing your SIM card to static electricity, water, or dirt.

To install a SIM card:

  1. If necessary, remove the SIM card from the protective sleeve, being careful not to touch the gold-colored contacts.
  2. Insert the SIM card into a SIM slot*, notch first, with the gold-colored contact points facing down.

NOTE: Should your SIM card be lost or damaged, contact your network operator.

*Dual SIM slots are provided for enterprise users and private networks. Dual Sim usage is not applicable for most customers. For further information, contact your service provider.
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