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APN tab

In most configurations, the FX3100 is used with a dynamic IP and SIM and the Access Point Name (APN) is available from the network, for example: internet. However, if you are on a private network, you may need to configure connection profiles for your APN on this tab for the network to communicate with the FX3100.

Select SIM to configure APN: Use the drop-down to select the SIM on which you want to configure the APN.

Connection Profiles

NOTE: Initially, the default APN profile is displayed. You cannot delete this profile, but you can edit it and/or add additional profiles.

Active: Select the connection profile you want to be active.

Profile Name: The name that identifies the connection profile.

APN Name: The access point name.

Authentication: The authentication method for the connection profile.

IP Connection Type: The IP connection type for the connection profile.

Click Edit to edit a profile.

Click Reset to reset a profile to default values.

Click the Add New Connection Profile button to add an additional APN connection profile.

Add New Connection Profile

CAUTION! Changing the APN may cause a loss of data connectivity.

Connection Profile Name: Enter a name to identify this connection profile.

APN Name: Select an APN supplied by your service provider from the drop-down or select Add APN and enter the APN for your private network in the text box that appears below.

NOTE: Information entered in the following fields should come from your service provider based on network requirements.

Authentication: Select the authentication method for your private network from the drop-down (PAP, CHAP, PAP and CHAP, or None).

Username: Enter the username for your private network. NOTE: This option is not visible when Authentication is set to None.

Password: Enter the password for your private network. NOTE: This option is not visible when Authentication is set to None.

IP Connection Type: Select an IP connection type from the drop-down (IPv4, IPv6, or IPv4/IPv6).

Click Save Changes.

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