Installation guide

Step four: orient the device

  • Run the PoE cable to the desired location of the PoE injector and insert the cable into the Data & Power Out port. Plug the PoE injector into an earthed AC outlet. Consider using a surge protector when warranted.

NOTE: The PoE injector status LED does not indicate data transmission. The LED is red when the FW2000e is connected. The LED is green when the FW2000e is NOT connected and there is no load.

  • Take a ratcheting socket wrench and device/smartphone with the Inseego Mobile app to the FW2000e location.
  • Use the Inseego Mobile app and the positioning bolts on the wall mount bracket to fine tune the horizontal and vertical angle of the FW2000e for the best signal.
  • Tighten both sets of positioning bolts to 15.0 Nm (11 ft/lb).