EDGE Manager user guide

Creating a tunnel

1. On the Tunnels page, click on the plus sign next to Tunnels to add a tunnel.

The Create Tunnel dialog appears.

2. Select the CBR as Device A and click Next.

3. Select the FX2000 as Device B and click Next.

4. Configure as follows:

For both Device A and Device B:

  • Listen Port - select an available listen port.
  • Remote Allowed IPS - specify corporate subnets.

NOTE: Some service providers, like AT&T, use Therefore, use and instead.

For Device B (FX2000):

  • Remote Endpoint Details - select the WAN IP of the CBR from the drop-down.

5. Click Create. A Create Tunnel pop-up appears.

6. Click OK to create the tunnel. A Create Tunnel pop-up appears when the tunnel is successfully created.

7. Click OK.