Quick start guide

Notes on SD EDGE

  • SD EDGE is a powerful tool for building and controlling your networks. Assuming you have the complete license and multiple sites managed by SD EDGE, you can easily deploy VPN tunnels between sites. VPN tunnels require at least one side to have a fixed, routable IP address (public WAN APN). If this is unavailable, i.e., both sides are behind a CG-NAT, V2000/Cloud-based-router (vCPE) options are available.
  • Once connected to SD EDGE, the outdoor CPE is in IP passthrough (IPPT) mode and only one device can connect and get a DHCP address at a time. This means that any time you switch the device you are connecting to the outdoor CPE, you must first disconnect the existing connected device and power cycle the CPE before connecting the new device.
  • Use SD EDGE Manager for configuration changes. Do not use the device Admin web UIs to change any local settings other than APN/SIM or WAN settings.

WARNING! Do not perform a factory reset on your devices using the physical reset button or the Admin web UI. This will wipe out the connection to SD EDGE, requiring a support ticket to onboard the device again. Always use the SD EDGE Manager bootstrap reset feature to perform a factory reset. To do this:
1. Select the device from the EDGE Manager Devices page and click the reset icon . This removes any updates you have made since receiving the device.
2. Re-apply any desired templates.