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Active Physiotherapy Darlinghurst relies on Inseego Wavemaker™ 5G indoor router FWA to deliver telehealth services

Front view of Darlinghurst Physiotheraphy's office location.

Company details

Active Physiotherapy serves clients from two locations in Sydney, Australia. The company’s original location in Newtown is the longest established physiotherapy clinic in Sydney’s Inner West region. In 2022, high demand for the clinic’s services created a need for a second location in Darlinghurst, closer to the Eastern Suburbs.

Products used

Inseego Wavemaker™ 5G indoor router

Inseego Connect™ cloud-based device management

Inseego Mobile app




Inseego’s cloud-managed device management and 5G router enable a simplified, seamless experience across branch offices for telehealth services such as video conferencing.

The challenge – Cost-effective 5G

Tony Lam, IT director at Active Physiotherapy in Sydney Australia, knew 5G was the right choice to support telehealth services such as video consultations and remote training at the company’s new location in Darlinghurst. Lam’s challenge was to find the most efficient and cost-effective way to bring 5G’s high speeds and low latency throughout the new clinic.

A piecemeal 5G solution with a wireless router, a switch, and other elements was considered, but Lam quickly realized this approach created too many potential points of failure.

The solution – Simplicity at the right price

The Inseego Wavemaker 5G indoor router FG2000 series gives Lam the high-performance, single-device solution he needed. The router delivers blazing-fast internet access with breakthrough 5G and 4G LTE speeds. It supports private networks, Wi-Fi 6, and provides secure connections for up to 128 Wi-Fi devices. Smart security and management features ensure user data remains private and protected from unauthorized access.

The Inseego Mobile™ app simplifies router setup. And the cloud-based Inseego Connect™ platform lets IT staff efficiently monitor, configure, and troubleshoot the router through a user-friendly interface.

Compared to cable-based and multi-device 5G solutions, the Inseego solution was a fraction of the total cost.

“The Inseego router just made it so easy. 5G is built in, which made a huge difference. And I only needed one device, so I didn’t have to worry about connecting a router to a switch, and making sure I used the right ports.”

– Tony Lam, IT Director at Active Physiotherapy
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The results – Stellar 5G performance indoors

The router’s ability to reliably deliver high-speed, high-bandwidth Wi-Fi 6 connectivity ensures clinic staff can simultaneously use high-quality video communications to serve clients. The reliable connectivity has also been crucial to dependably connect the clinic’s Health Industry Claims and Payments Service (HICAPS) terminal to the internet.

For Lam, it’s easy to monitor and maintain the secure Wi-Fi connectivity. Lam always knows which devices are connecting to the router and which traffic is moving through it. Down the road, Lam can add a redundant wireless connection to ensure business continuity with no need to upgrade the router.

“Tony made the right decision when he chose 5G and Inseego. I don’t give it a second thought anymore. I know the connectivity will be there when it’s needed, every time.”

– Stephanie Tang, Owner of Active Physiotherapy

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