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Inseego 5G FW2000 Outdoor CPE powers artificial intelligence solutions for Definitive Computer Solutions

Corner of an office building with a FW2000 installed to it.

Our partner

Definitive Computer Solutions LLC is a full-service information technology company in Downingtown, Pennsylvania, that offers IT sales and support, IT consulting, and managed IT services. The company has been in business since 2006 and still supports most of its original customers today.

Products used

Inseego Wavemaker™ FW2000 5G outdoor CPE

Inseego Connect cloud-based device management


Commercial real estate




Smart City



5G fixed wireless powers artificial intelligence solutions with the low-latency and speed required to deliver AI data in real-time for a reliable and accurate analytics.

The challenge – High 5G throughput

As president of Definitive Computer Solutions, Dominic Eachus is dedicated to ensuring customers receive the fastest, most reliable, and secure networking options available. When he was developing networks to run TuringAI’s artificial intelligence (AI) people, vehicle and object recognition offerings, Eachus had great difficulty finding 5G connectivity solutions that could meet expectations.

Eachus thoroughly tested a number of 5G connectivity solutions. While some products claimed throughput of several hundred megabits per second, they could barely achieve 100 Mbps. It turned out the throughput claimed was only achievable when the device was hardwired into a WAN.

Then T-Mobile suggested that Eachus investigate Inseego’s Wavemaker 5G products. That changed everything.

The solution - Fast and reliable 5G

When Eachus tested the Inseego Wavemaker 5G outdoor customer premises equipment (CPE) FW2000, he found what he was looking for.

The Wavemaker 5G FW2000 features a sophisticated, high-gain antenna array that reliably delivers higher speeds at longer distances than competing offerings. It provides enterprise-grade security and advanced networking features, including IP passthrough, which was a mandatory requirement for Eachus’ customers. In addition:

  • The Inseego mobile app lets Eachus easily find the best location to install the CPE.
  • The cloud-based Inseego Connect application lets Eachus configure and manage all 5G FW2000 series devices across solutions.
Unlock lightning-fast 5G internet almost anywhere

The results - Unbeatable computer vision solutions

Inseego’s 5G FW2000 series CPE is now the only 5G connectivity solution Eachus includes in the company’s AI and object recognition offerings across industries — construction, healthcare, and education, among others.

With the 5G FW2000 reliably delivering 700 to 800 Mbps of data throughput, the solutions Eachus develops can continuously transfer 32+ streams of real-time video to cloud servers for advanced analytics including facial recognition, vehicle and license plate identification and object detection. Eachus captures such high speeds with his signal analyzer during initial site visits when designing their systems, he sends screenshots to customers to show them how fast the TMobile/Inseego solution really is compared to the competition.

Now that he’s found the ultimate 5G connectivity component, Eachus can confidently deliver solutions that rely on hundreds of CCTV cameras, VOIP phones and VPN’s And he can continue to expand the company’s offerings into additional industries.

“Now that I’ve found the Inseego 5G FW2000, I’m deploying it at every opportunity that arises. I really appreciate Inseego’s willingness to send me hardware and software updates so I can continue to test products and ensure my customers have the best technologies available.”

– Dominic Eachus, President, Definitive Computer Solutions

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