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Inseego Manage puts you in control

Keep business running smoothly and securely with centralized device management through Inseego Manage™, a powerful suite of cloud-based software solutions.

Get to know Inseego Manage

Powerful SaaS applications

Choose from a family of software solutions designed to give you end-to-end lifecycle management of your wireless devices, whether they number in the tens or thousands.

Single cloud platform

Tap into visual dashboards, alarms, reports and remote diagnostics in an easy-to-use interface to streamline operations, improve productivity and minimize costs.

Remote management

Administer, configure and monitor assets, devices and edge security in your deployment—right from your smart phone or tablet.

Made for mission-critical business

Whether you’re a service provider managing millions of dispersed subscriber devices or an enterprise IT manager overseeing thousands of IoT endpoints, you’ll have full control with Inseego Manage.

Inseego Connect™

Remotely monitor device health and status with powerful dashboards and insightful diagnostics. Inseego Connect helps you avoid data overages, keep up on necessary maintenance and firmware upgrades, troubleshoot problems, safeguard devices and maintain uptime.

Inseego Secure™

Get real-time security insights and configure policies, set content filtering rules, and enforce protection against a wide range of cybersecurity threats—all through a user-friendly and intuitive dashboard.

Inseego Mobile App™

Configure and manage devices from literally anywhere through your smart phone. Our app ensures your devices are installed in the best location, automatically pairing with your mobile device to guide you through setup step-by-step.

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