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Novatel Wireless Offers Streamlined GPRS Telemetry Solution for use on AT&T Wireless Services GSM/GPRS Network

SAN DIEGO -- January 20, 2004 -- Novatel Wireless, Inc. (Nasdaq: NVTL), a leading provider of 2.5G and 3G wireless data access solutions, today announced that they have established an agreement with AirLink Communications to offer the Raven GPRS, under the brand name Freedom Box 200G. Recently certified for use on AT&T Wireless' GSM/GPRS network, the Freedom Box 200G will be offered to telemetry, field service and public safety integrators looking to migrate to the higher speed and reliability of GSM/GPRS networks.

The Freedom Box 200G will provide telemetry integrators with a streamlined device replacement for their current CDPD equipment or for new machine to machine applications. Powered by the Airlink Raven GPRS, the Freedom Box 200G is an intelligent wireless data platform that enables real-time two-way communication with remote assets at speeds up to 53.6 kbps. Integrated with its own TCP/IP stack which facilitates transmission of serial data from non-IP devices, the Freedom Box 200G is a powerful and versatile communications device that enables remote telemetry applications such as utilities monitoring, traffic measurement and control, public safety applications, environmental monitoring and primary and redundant connectivity for automated teller machines, routers and enterprise servers.

"We are pleased to certify an industry leading device that is reliable, flexible, and eases the transition for our CDPD customers and other telemetry integrators to the more robust capabilities of our next generation wireless network," said Stacey Black, vice president, government solutions for AT&T Wireless.

"We are excited to partner with AT&T Wireless and Airlink on the Freedom Box 200G and look forward to working with them on other new initiatives to serve vertical markets in the future," said Peter Leparulo, chief executive officer for Novatel Wireless.

The exceptional intelligence of the Freedom Box 200G powered by the Airlink Raven enables applications to address remote devices by name to minimize down time and maximize flexibility. The Freedom Box 200G allows remote configuration and diagnostics, dynamic DNS (DDNS) management, packet assembly and disassembly (PAD) for UDP or TCP, and telemetry protocol spoofing and conversion. It can be used to replace existing landline, private radio, CDPD and circuit switched applications.

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