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Novatel Wireless Advances M2M Portfolio with Generation-Skipping MT 3060 for Commercial and Consumer Telematics Markets

  • The Most Advanced Mobile Tracking Device for Automotive, Fleet Management, and Other Commercial and Consumer Telematics Applications
  • Samples of the First Products in the MT 3060 Platform Family Available Now

SAN DIEGO--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Novatel Wireless, Inc. (Nasdaq: NVTL), a leading provider of intelligent wireless solutions, today announces the industry's most advanced portfolio of OBD-II plug-and-play platforms for the Commercial Telematics and Consumer Telematics Markets.

The new MT 3060 is an integrated, system-level solution that collects and controls critical vehicle data, and can reliably deliver that information to the cloud, all managed by Novatel Wireless' Services Enablement Platform that includes the N4A™ Communications and Management Software (CMS) and N4A Device Manager.

"The MT 3060 platform supports a family of intelligent OBD-II solutions that addresses the strategic focus of our M2M Asset Management Solutions Group on commercial telematics and consumer telematics," said Peter Leparulo, CEO of Novatel Wireless. "In commercial telematics, we continue to see strong activity with fleet management companies worldwide. Our MT 3060 platform family also represents a significant advance in the expanding market of consumer telematics, including usage based insurance, and we're experiencing great customer feedback on the platform already. As we rollout our portfolio of integrated solutions with software and service content, it's truly amazing the amount of technology packed in this family of solutions for these vertical markets."

Simplicity. The MT 3060 platform is a family of plug-and-play, self-installed devices that can be deployed in minutes by any driver. The MT 3060 simply inserts into the OBD-II port of a vehicle, without taking a vehicle out of service. The family of MT 3060 products avoids costly and timely professional installations, and allows for scalable application platforms, provisioning and customer service models in the commercial telematics and consumer telematics markets. It also supports all five vehicle engine OBD-II protocols. So no matter the application — fleet management, usage-based insurance, or driver behavior management — or the region of the world, the MT 3060 is the ideal option for customers charged with lowering upfront telematics costs while improving safety and productivity.

Most Advanced Features and Customer Support Capabilities. The MT 3060 boasts a highly sensitive 1000 Hz sampling 3-axis accelerometer and GPS along with advanced technology for accurate impact detection — enabling it to detect driver behaviors such as vehicle speed, location, hard braking, cornering and acceleration. The MT 3060 further optimizes network connectivity performance by a high efficiency innovative antenna design and disconnect alert feature using an on-board backup battery.

The family of MT 3060 products leverages Novatel Wireless' years of combined resources of in-house development of advanced cellular technologies with M2M experience. For the highest customer service, Novatel Wireless controls all touch-points of the MT 3060 solution, from embedded module hardware development, firmware and software ownership, multi-band antenna design, and GPS and Bluetooth development and integration.

Self Contained Access to Cloud Applications. The MT 3060 family provides the most flexible means of collecting critical vehicle information and connecting it to end-user applications for a variety of business critical needs. The built-in, programmable rules engine monitors external conditions and captures customer-defined threshold events critical to effective commercial and consumer telematics applications, such as excessive engine speed, rapid acceleration, harsh braking, speed violations, and excessive idling. It also responds instantaneously to pre-defined conditions related to location, ignition, geo-fencing, trip reporting, and other events.

Over-the-Air Device Management and Serviceability. The MT 3060 device is designed for full compatibility with Novatel Wireless' N4A™ Communications and Management Software (CMS) and N4A Device Manager, which accelerate customer application integration to provide device provisioning, deployment, shipping, monitoring, and tracking worldwide.

MT Monitor Mobile Application. The MT 3060 is complemented by Novatel Wireless' new MT Monitor mobile application. This mobile application is designed to simplify the out-of-the-box experience for MT 3060 and provides an easy way to install and monitor the device. Effective troubleshooting of any identified issues is enabled via the MT Monitor's intuitive user interface. Powered by N4A™ CMS and Device Manager, the MT Monitor is designed to be used by both professional installers of the device and end users across applications such as fleet management and user based insurance (UBI). The mobile application will be available for both Android and iOS based smartphones and tablets.

The new MT 3060 platform is designed to support multiple air interfaces, and will be available in GSM/GPRS, CDMA or HSDPA versions with additional features and functionality targeted towards application service providers, system integrators, enterprises and insurers in the global Commercial and Consumer Telematics Markets. The MT 3060 platform will also include optional features like Bluetooth connectivity to enable low power sensor management, personal area networking with smartphone applications and to enable emergency hands free calling.

Commercial Telematics is after-market or factory-installed telematics for non-consumer telematics applications, such as fleet management, trailer tracking (providing sensor data for temperature, humidity, vibration, contents information) and other asset tracking. According to ABI Research "Global Fleet Management System Hardware Shipments" are expected to experience a CAGR of 22.9% during 2013 — 2018.

Consumer Telematics involves devices installed by the consumer or non-automaker third party for context applications, such as UBI, pay as you drive insurance, and vehicle recovery. According to ABI Research, the world market of "Global Insurance Telematics Shipments" are projected to have a CAGR of 117% from 2013 — 2018.

Samples of the first device in the MT 3060 family are now available for commercial and consumer telematics programs. For more information please visit

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