Working remotely but with the office network experience. Inseego makes it simple.

Give your remote workforce an easy-to-use, fast and reliable remote work solution — from any home on any device.

Working remotely but with the office network experience. Inseego makes it simple.

Give your remote workforce an easy-to-use, fast and reliable remote work solution — from any home on any device.

Extend the reach of your corporate network

With a decentralised workforce your traditional network needs to adapt to post pandemic business needs, catering for remote workers, remote devices, and hybrid work. Inseego can transform your network to meet the needs of the “new normal" work at home enterprise structure, with increased flexibility and speed. IT managers can easily configure remote devices, prioritise mission-critical applications and meet stringent security standards.

Infographic showing how Inseego's hardware and software connects multiple networks.

How it works

The Inseego remote work solution uses 5G mobile data (with 4G/LTE fallback) to provide a secure, reliable, and flexible internet connection for remote workers; working in a Small Office Home Office (SOHO) work environment.

Using an Inseego 5G Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) device, a Wi-Fi 6 hotspot is created in the remote working location. The device can then be managed from anywhere with our cloud management SaaS solution (Inseego Manage) to configure, secure, and monitor the device.

Top down view of Inseego's Indoor Router FX2000.

No network slowdowns with 5G gigabit speeds

Secure corporate networks don’t have to be slow. Enjoy unparalleled network speeds on the 5G network using Inseego EDGE routers with super-fast 4G fallback if extended coverage is needed — without sacrificing demanding security protocols.

A person working remotely on their laptop and their phone.

Reliable performance for what matters more

Easily customise your network to give priority to corporate applications that need more bandwidth and lower latency using split tunneling and policy-based routing. Create guest Wi-Fi channels for less important online activities, further helping to reduce the risk of network congestion.

Security beyond the office

Even though remote employees may be working outside the office, on public Wi-Fi networks, or even outside the country, you can still make sure a high level of security is maintained in remote workspaces in real-time. Inseego provides you with software for cyber security protocols and web-based detection of cyber attacks and network based threats to help you protect your data and endpoints.

Flexible connectivity for any setup

Inseego 5G routers offer a range of connection options including dual-band Wi-Fi 6 and ethernet LAN ports, allowing wired devices, such as a VOIP phone, to be connected with a simple plug-and-play setup.

Making life easier for everyone

With zero configuration on end-user devices and no need for 3rd-party network applications, getting started is a lot easier for everyone. A simplified setup is more cost-effective, removing the need to purchase additional software licenses, and saves and optimises time for IT managers, reducing the admin overhead.

A laptop and a phone showcasing Inseego Connect and Inseego's Mobile App.

Manage devices from anywhere

Simplify network control and security with a cloud-based management system and our device management app that allows IT managers to set up, monitor and manage the entire network from anywhere. It saves time, costly call-outs and resolves connection issues quicker for improved productivity. Manage device settings, check notifications on firmware metrics and updates, initiate a device reboot or reset.

The cover of Inseego's whitepaper on how SD Edge connects remote workers.

Download our 5G SD Edge brochure and data sheet

Inseego has the industry’s largest portfolio of next generation 5G device-to-cloud solutions for fixed wireless and mobile.

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