GPS fleet apps

Your fleet management software solution is a powerful tool, and with GPS fleet apps you can access that data from anywhere using a mobile device, Android or iOS (iPhone or iPad).

GPS fleet apps are designed for use on a mobile device, phone or tablet and offer several advantages over just using a website:

  • Better integration with your device’s hardware, including camera and microphone, as well as other apps such as maps or communication apps that are based on a phone number.
  • Offline access, allowing you to access some features even when you don’t have an internet connection.
  • Greater personalisation such as storing a customised configuration or settings, allowing quicker access to frequently used features.
  • Faster processing, particularly when performing more intensive procedures such as reporting.
  • Improved communication options including push notifications for important alerts or SMS messages.

These advantages allow fleet managers and crew supervisors to manage their team and mobile assets in the field more effectively.

GPS Fleet Management on the go

For fleet managers who manage a mobile workforce from behind the wheel, using a mobile app for real-time GPS vehicle tracking helps them make faster, more informed, decisions.

For field service or delivery businesses, this includes knowing where mobile workers are, and who is closest for dispatching to a new job. Mobile managers, or a customer support team can easily assign a technician to a job, who can receive the notification and respond immediately. It is also possible to add route optimisation to help mobile workers get to their next job, or delivery, more efficiently.

Geofences can be set up on repeat customer sites for easier time tracking and more accurate billing.

Supervisors can also get a quick overview of their team, including any urgent issues with driver behaviour, vehicle diagnostics or excessive idling.

With API integration of the fleet tracking solution and the job order system, customers benefit with more accurate ETAs and proof of delivery (or job done) notifications.

Driver apps

Smartphone apps for drivers offer functionality that go beyond just a basic GPS tracking solution, or navigation tool.

Driver safety - Drivers can access information about their driving performance, and see ways they can improve to stay safe, and be a better driver.

Driving hours - Many commercial drivers are required to log driving hours and stay within safe limits, to help prevent fatigue-related accidents. Digital Tachograph apps can automate collection of driving hours, rest stops and display time remaining to minimise breaches and comply with reporting requirements.

Work orders - Mobile technicians or delivery drivers can use a fleet tracking app to view their assigned jobs, complete with all the information to get there and complete the job. The tracking device (on their mobile device or installed in the vehicle) can report back to customer support to keep them informed.

Tax reporting - Business trip reporting is now simple for employees to keep up-to-date with. An HMRC compliant report shows all journeys, with an employee marking them as private or work-related. This report streamlines Benefit in Kind (BIK) reporting and avoids any added administrative burden or potential financial penalties.

Management system - Fleet managers can get an overview of their entire fleet to monitor fleet performance (including idle time) and provide real-time location tracking, helping them make better decisions, based on the most up-to-date information. Managers can also utilise dashcams to improve driver security and minimise liability claims, while also monitoring safety issues like driver fatigue and incidents of distracted driving.

A more mobile GPS fleet tracking software

Modern fleet tracking systems are more than just desktop solutions for office-based managers. Managers can monitor their mobile workforce in real time using just their Android or Apple device, and respond more quickly if there are problems.

Asset managers can help minimise downtime by getting real-time diagnostic information, and providing the necessary vehicle maintenance. More effective maintenance done sooner can result in greater savings in fuel consumption and costly breakdowns.

Using GPS tracker apps can give both fleet managers and mobile workers faster access to real-time telematics information on fleet performance, and location tracking on company cars. This improved view of the entire fleet means the pricing of a fleet management solution becomes more cost-effective, ROI increases, and resources are better utilised, thanks to asset tracking and up-to-the-minute vehicle locations.

Contact us if you have specific business needs not covered by the fleet management or driver apps currently available, and we can discuss the integration needed to achieve the desired functionality.

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