Front & rear dash cams

Front & rear dash cam solutions

Front & rear dash cams improve fleet safety and reduce claims costs with a dual-channel view of your vehicles.

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Front & rear dash cam features

Advanced sensors

The Surfsight dash cam provides real-time detection of dangerous driving events.

Wide angle view

Provide a full picture of any trip or accident with multiple viewpoints and viewing angles up to 165°

Parking mode

The Surfsight device detects severe vibrations when the vehicle is parked and can be set to automatically upload videos for that event.

Audio recording

Optional sound recordings from inside the vehicle ensure that you’ll have all the details when an incident occurs.

Built-in driver coaching

A built-in speaker and display for voice and visual coaching allows your drivers correct dangerous behaviour autonomously.

Up to 1080p resolution

Record up to 1080p footage to clearly see what is happening in your vehicles.

Night vision

Cabin-facing IR LEDs offers a clear view inside the cabin at night.

Proactive alerting

Drivers receive visual and audio alerts, in real-time, when they are engaged in risky behaviors so they can self-correct before an accident occurs.

Tamper proof / lockable

Prevent tampering from either intentional misuse of a company vehicle or incase of theft.

Panic / event button

Configerable external button that can be used to manually trigger recording, or as a panic button to alert.

There were some initial concerns amongst our drivers, but within a matter of weeks, we were able to use video footage to thwart several dishonest claims for non delivery claims, so this was quickly overcome.”

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Incident recording and dispute resolution

Front and rear dash cams capture road rage and accidents, providing vital evidence for insurance claims or legal challenges. They also promote safety by alerting drivers to reckless behaviors. Mitigate disputes and liabilities by providing drivers and fleet managers with top-notch journey footage, serving as evidence in disagreements. The high-resolution footage guarantees an accurate depiction of events during a journey for fleet companies.

Installation & troubleshooting

Inseego offers an exclusive installation and support service for customers seeking to implement front and rear facing dash cam solutions. With professional installation services available nationwide, customers can trust that their system will be customized to their requirements and expertly installed with minimal downtime. Additionally, a comprehensive troubleshooting guide is provided to address common issues with the dual-facing dash cam. If you cannot find the answers you seek, we recommend reaching out to our customer service for the assistance you need.

Forward and rear facing camera kits

Inseego offers dash camera solutions for any fleet scenario. Here are a few options for forward and rear facing dash cams.

Forward & rear facing internal camera 

165° & 120°
Forward & rear facing
Video storage & software
Harsh driving
Event capture

Forward & rear facing external camera 

143° & 150°
Forward & rear facing cameras
Video storage & software
Harsh driving
Event capture

AI forward, in-cab & rear facing camera 

140°, 126° & 147°
Forward, rear & driver facing cameras
Video storage & software
AI events & harsh driving
Event capture
AI detection
Distracted driver alerts & event capture

A complete telematics platform to monitor and manage your fleet

Live Maps give you a bird’s eye view of your entire fleet in real time (or historically with Trip Replay). Dispatch the nearest available worker to a new job, check the status of a driver on their way to the depot or find that generator you need.

Explore Inseego's dash cams for your business needs

Inseego's dual-facing dash cam offers a reliable safety system for enhanced road safety. Packed with advanced features like parking monitor, voice control, motion detection, built-in GPS, loop recording, secure Wi-Fi, and alerts, it ensures constant safety. The wide field of view and full HD resolution capture clear images and videos for added driver protection. Drive confidently with Inseego's advanced dash cam.

For more information about Inseego’s dash cams, check out the following page.

Dash cams for all scenarios, vehicles and fleet sizes

Not sure which camera setup best meets the needs of your fleet?

Front & cabin dash cams

AI detection of incidents of distracted driving, eating, drinking, smoking and more.

Discover front & cabin

Multi-channel dash cams

Eliminate blind spots using front, side, and rear cameras, data recording and more.

Discover multi-channel

Customise or expand your setup vehicle by vehicle

We know that all businesses and organisations are different. We will take the time to understand the unique requirements of your fleet. We can tailor a solution for you vehicle by vehicle.

AI Camera. Forward and driver facing views

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2-Channel kit. Forward and rear views

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4-Channel kit. Forward, driver IR, and side views

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5-Channel Full HD 1080p mobile DVR

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DVS Base kit. Rigid vehicles

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FORS Gold kit. Articulated vehicles

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Frequently asked questions

What events trigger the dashboard camera?

Video will be automatically captured and classified for the following event types:

  1. Panic button Pressed
  2. Harsh acceleration
  3. Harsh braking
  4. Harsh cornering
  5. Speeding
  6. Distracted Driving
  7. Camera tampering
  8. Driver is smoking
  9. Driver eating or drinking
  10. Driver is using a mobile phone
  11. Driver is not wearing a seatbelt

How soon are videos available for unsafe driving events?

Video footage is available to view (or download) within five minutes, in most cases.

Is the vehicle’s speed shown on the video footage?

Yes, you can see the speed of the vehicle in the corner of the video while it is playing. This provides added context when reviewing any driving event.

Can videos be downloaded?

Yes, video files can be downloaded and saved to your computer.

Can I download footage manually, during a specific date and time?

Yes, with continuous video recording while the vehicle is in use, you can easily specify the date, start time and stop time of the video footage you want to view. This video can then be shared or downloaded.

How are the cameras installed?

To make sure the installation is safe, secure and effective we have a network of professional technicians to complete the installation and setup of vehicle cameras.

How do the cameras help with driver safety?

Reviewing recorded video of harsh driving events lets you better understand why a driver is making a quick turn, hard stop or accelerating too quickly. This additional context helps you to coach drivers and improve future driving behavior.

Can dash cameras help to get a discount on my insurance premiums?

Dash cams and vehicle video camera systems promote safer driving and extra security. Talk with your insurer to find out if this qualifies you for cheaper premiums or lower excesses on insurance claims.

How do I know if fleet tracking is right for my business?

If your business has money invested in mobile assets — vehicles, people or assets — then GPS fleet tracking is definitely something you should consider. GPS tracking solutions help you make sure you are using all your mobile resources efficiently.

Without a fleet tracking system, a business could be losing money with under-utilised assets, wasteful driving behaviour or poor job scheduling. GPS fleet tracking makes it easy to identify areas of your business that you can optimise, boosting productivity and reducing running costs.

Fleet tracking can also improve safety, monitoring driver behaviour in real time and encouraging staff to be more responsible.

Why should I choose Inseego over other providers?

In the United Kingdom, Inseego (formerly known as Ctrack) has been in the telematics industry for more than 35 years, with a lot of experience across different industries throughout the region.

Inseego can provide you with a ready-to-use fleet management solution, or customise one to the specific needs and size of your business. We work alongside you as a telematics partner to maximise your ROI.

As a global leader in 5G and intelligent IoT device-to-cloud solutions, Inseego can combine the power and innovation behind this technology with our existing telematics expertise to bring you new opportunities to enhance your business operations.

How do I get started?

Getting started is easy. Contact us today, let us know a little bit about your fleet and what you would like to achieve and one of our consultants will be in touch to explain how our GPS fleet software works, and an overview of the installation process.

You can also request a demonstration of the fleet tracking software so you can see the GPS tracking in action.

Our telematics consultants have experience with a wide range of different industries and fleet sizes so are in a good position to suggest what features and functions would suit your business best.

Where is my data stored?

Inseego’s UK client data is hosted by Rackspace in full compliance with current security and GDPR Legislation. Rackspace is the preferred hosting partner of Government, Local Authorities, Defense, Blue Light and large corporates. Our server infrastructure has been designed with no single point of failure and is monitored and supported 24/7/365 keeping your data accessible and secure at all times.

Will I receive support and training?

Yes, Inseego are committed to working alongside you as a telematics partner, helping you maximise the benefit and ROI of your new fleet management software. We offer a range of support and training services, designed to fit with the needs of your business and help your staff integrate the software with their daily processes.

Support and training options include:

  • Help desk for fast and ready access to technical support
  • Remote support to diagnose, troubleshoot and resolve technical issues
  • Onsite or remote training workshops to upskill staff

Adding new technology to your business can create some anxiety - our support and training services are designed to make the process of implementing GPS tracking as seamless and trouble-free as possible.

Can I add more vehicles in the future?

Yes, you can update your plan to include additional vehicles (or other GPS tracked assets) at any time.

Simply contact us to let us know and we’ll organise the change (and can schedule the installation of the tracking devices if you like).

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