5G fixed wireless access network that can be deployed in minutes

Get fast, reliable, secure broadband internet almost anywhere — without the wires.

5G fixed wireless access network that can be deployed in minutes

Get fast, reliable, secure broadband internet almost anywhere — without the wires.

Inseego's entire 5G Fixed Wireless portfolio.

Built for every business

Whether you have a global network, a large campus, a small office, or you are working from home, Inseego Wavemaker™ fixed wireless solutions keep your business connected and secure. Benefit from the power and flexibility of 5G; with a wide range of purpose-built 5G devices, ideal for indoor and outdoor locations in urban, suburban, and rural areas.

Secure device management with Inseego Connect

Multi-gigabit speeds* that can outperform typical broadband connections

Enhanced coverage with support for both Sub6 and mmWave 5G frequencies

How it works

Fixed wireless access (FWA) services use cellular data (4G LTE  and/or 5G) to provide high-speed broadband access to a home or office, without the need for cables.

Using a 5G outdoor CPE or 5G indoor router results in high speeds, low latency, and overall performance equal to, or better than, traditional cable, xDSL, or fibre connections.

Inseego hardware can amplify the strength of your 5G connection with high-gain directional antennas, helping to improve the speed and reliability of your network connection, even in remote locations.

Front view of Inseego's FW2010 with a zoomed in image of a chip within it.

Advanced security at every level

  • Built with components from trusted suppliers
  • Rigorous, third-party security testing
  • Inseego Manage subscription services include OpenVPN, access control, end-to-end device security, active threat detection, mitigation, alerts, and more
Inseego’s Mobile App giving a user tips on how to better install their Inseego router.

Quick and easy set up

  • Plug and play indoor routers for rapid and cost-effective deployment
  • Outdoor CPEs are easy to install, with a range of mounting options available
  • The Inseego Mobile App is available to assist users to find the optimal position for installation, monitoring performance, and help troubleshoot any issues
  • Use the Inseego Mobile App to find the best location for your device
Infographic of Inseego Connect managing multiple networks.

Manage all your Inseego devices from anywhere

All Inseego Wavemaker 5G FWA solutions support Inseego Connect, a subscription SaaS solution that makes it easy for administrators to install, monitor, and troubleshoot all devices across their corporate and loT networks.

Using a web-based dashboard, administrators can remotely configure devices, track data usage, install updates, and review network health. Increase the efficiency of tech support, minimise data overages and improve the security of the corporate network with Inseego Connect.

A digital map with multiple networks on it that are being managed by Inseego hardware & software.

Purpose-built for the most demanding applications

Whether you need to support temporary sites, connect branch offices, deploy a private wireless network, or maintain a reliable connection in a crowded city, you can enjoy ultra-fast 5G and 4G speeds with better bandwidth and enterprise-grade performance.

Rearview of Inseego's Indoor Router FX2000 showcasing dual SIM card slots.

Dual SIM for automatic failover

With two SIM slots, your Inseego device can be configured to automatically switch between service providers, based on the strongest signal, data thresholds, or other parameters you set. No interruptions, no downtime!

Super-fast 5G and 4G for public and private networks

Industry-leading sustained throughput of well over 1 Gbps, plus the split-second, low-latency responsiveness of 5G, mean you're always ready to do business.

Better range. Better performance.

With Inseego devices you don’t need to sacrifice performance for range. Choose from powerful indoor and outdoor solutions for reliable, high-speed wireless internet access wherever you need it.

Enterprise-grade security

Multiple layers of encryption, enhanced Wi-Fi security, built-in VPN support, IT admin controls and other features deliver strong security at every level.

Better for business — In the office or at home

Inseego’s 5G FWA services offer a lot of advantages for wireless business internet services. Rapid broadband network deployment, fast connection speeds, improved range, more reliable connections, and easier security management. Ready to get started? We are.

Wavemaker 5G outdoor CPE FW2000 series

Reliable high speed 5G & 4G
High gain (up to 14dBi) directional antennas
IP67 rated
Dual SIM support
5 Gbps ethernet & PoE support

Wavemaker 5G outdoor CPE FW2010 series

High speed, low latency 5G & 4G
High power mmWave antennas
IP67 rated
Dual SIM support
5 Gbps ethernet & PoE support

Wavemaker 5G indoor router FX2000 series

Compact, versatile 5G & 4G router
Dual band Wi-Fi 6 up to 30 clients
External antenna support
Dual SIM support
1 Gbps LAN port

Wavemaker 5G indoor router FG2000 series

Advanced 5G indoor router
Dual band Wi-Fi 6 up to 128 clients
External antenna support
Dual SIM support
Multiple LAN including a 5 Gbps port

Wavemaker 5G industrial gateway S2000 series

Industrial grade 5G + 4G gateway
Designed for 24/7 operation
Multiple power, mounting and antenna options
Dual SIM support
5 Gbps LAN + PoE support

* Actual speeds experienced depend upon network coverage, availability and number of connected devices.

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