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What is fleet tracking?

Fleet tracking is real-time tracking of a fleet’s assets using the Global Positioning System (GPS). Location data (and other information) is received from fleet tracking devices in the vehicle, as it happens, and sent to central data servers via the internet (normally, a mobile data connection is used).

This data is processed by cloud-based software, referred to as fleet tracking software. It’s also known by other terms including telematics, vehicle tracking system, fleet tracking system or a fleet management system.

Benefits of fleet tracking include reducing fuel costs, minimising unproductive idling and improving driver behaviour. Fleet tracking functionality can be extended using API technology to connect to other business software systems including payroll, timesheets and billing software.

In addition to driver safety, fleet security can be improved with the use of geofencing that can monitor vehicle location outside of designated locations and authorised working hours to indicate potential misuse or theft. Maintenance costs can also be reduced with more accurate vehicle maintenance and mileage tracking.

Some optional integrations for telematics software include asset tracking, route planning, dash cams and vehicle diagnostics (using data supplied by the vehicle’s OBD port).

Route planning is especially valuable for field service businesses where efficient routes can help dispatchers optimise jobs and provide more accurate etas.

Fleet tracking can also be accessed using a mobile app making fleet management software a portable solution for managers who prefer to use a mobile device and receive notifications on the go.

The specific requirements of your GPS fleet tracking software will depend on your fleet of vehicles, the types of trackers you need, and fleet size. Your return on investment will vary depending on how the solution is implemented but on average most fleets find the system pays for itself within a matter of months, improving their overall bottom line. For pricing information contact our sales team to discuss your requirements for a fleet tracking solution.

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