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What is a dashcam?

Dash cams (or dashboard cameras) are portable cameras fitted to a vehicle (often on the dashboard but can be in other locations) that provide a video recording of activity in the cab or around the vehicle. The dash cam footage is normally saved to a memory card (e.g. micro SD card) for review in the event of an insurance claim, car accident, road rage or any situation where the driver may, or may not, be at fault.

The dash cam video evidence can give the driver and the business peace of mind knowing dash cams work to vindicate a driver. This is particularly helpful if the incident is on social media as the dash cams record footage of what really happened, and can be used to refute false liability claims.

The dash cam footage is also useful for the insurance company to process claims quickly and in some cases this can help to reduce insurance premiums.

With the right connectivity, dash cam footage can be sent in real time to a central server for use by managers, supervisors or dispatch staff for use in proactively managing drivers. Alerts can be set up for events such as lane departure, distracted driving (e.g. using a mobile phone) or unsafe driving (as measured by G-sensors - to detect sudden stops or rollovers). Some types of dash cams are also fitted with night vision to allow recording to continue even in low-light situations.

There are different types of dash cams available (and not just for the dashboard). With suction cups they can be fitted to the windscreen for a view of the road, or the rear window as a rear dash cam - this real-time footage can be used by the driver as a complement or substitute for a rear-view mirror, making reversing safer, providing a convenient parking mode, as well as capturing motorists that may be giving the company driver hassle.

Dash cams generally include features such as full HD recording, trackers, WiFi hotspots for the driver and options to view recorded video footage from within the cab.

Dash cams can be installed as a hardwire connection to the vehicle to minimise the risk of tampering and improve overall security for the driver, vehicle and cargo.

The best dash cam for your fleet will depend on the specific requirements of your business so it would be best to discuss this, and any FAQs you have, with our sales team.

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