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The Benefits of Using an HGV Route Planner for Efficient Fleet Management

Wooden HGV trucks on an illustration of a street map to showcase route planning.

What is an HGV route planner?

An HGV route planner is a software solution that helps track and route heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) in real-time. Plugging into existing fleet management tools, route planners provide truck drivers, dispatchers and route planners with the functionality to create faster, more efficient and cost-effective routes for the delivery of goods.

What can HGV route planners do?

Using advanced route optimisation technology, a route planner takes account of factors like real-time traffic updates, low bridges, road closures, weight restrictions, driving times and even unexpected events – all of which are essential for the success of an HGV route. It can also provide the latest ETA, navigation app guidance and truckstops.

How do HGV route planners streamline fleet management?

Improve driving efficiency

An HGV route planner can provide a truck driver with a highly efficient route for the journey based on the current traffic situation. The embedded navigational capabilities allow a truck driver to obtain the best route taking into account current traffic updates, allowing for predefined stops and deviations. This takes away a lot of the manual planning associated with route selection, which can help save time, reduce fuel costs, and minimise time spent driving.

Minimise expenses with real-time route intelligence

Route planners provide fleet managers with real-time information on the location and status of each vehicle, allowing for greater oversight and optimisation. By tracking a vehicle's performance data like average speed, fuel consumption and delivery times, fleet managers can make quick, informed decisions in order to save time and money in the long run.

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Ensure legal compliance with intelligent route planning

Intelligent route planning from a route planner helps ensure compliance with HGV regulations. These include the latest EU driver working time rules and emissions regulations. This type of planner will also take into account lorry dimensions and restrictions on the road size for which the vehicle is suitable.

Selecting the right HGV route planner

Selecting the right HGV route planner is an important step for businesses that want to optimise their fleet performance and save time and money in the long run.

Features to look for in an HGV route planner

When selecting the right HGV route planner, businesses need to consider the tools which will help them optimise fleet performance. This includes looking for intuitive search functions to help plan truck journeys, customisable features to fit the business’s needs, real-time traffic information and alerts for potential traffic jams and disruptions.

Simple integration into existing fleet management tools

The route planner should also integrate seamlessly into existing fleet management systems. This can include being able to access and extract data from telematics systems as required for analysis.

Optimise user experience

It is important for businesses to invest in route planning technology which provides a simple user experience. This can ensure easy adoption by truck drivers and guards and avoid confusion when creating and adhering to routes.

Implementing an HGV route planner

Start with small scale testing

The best way to implement an HGV route planner is to start with small scale testing. This can help to ensure seamless integration, from connecting the system to trucks like those provided by Inseego, to training fleet operators on how to use the tools, and playing the different functionalities of the route planner.

Develop a training regimen

When implementing an HGV route planner, it is important to set up a suitable training regimen for the staff who will be using it. This can help to ensure the smooth adoption of the system and monitor and adjust it as necessary for the fleet’s optimal efficiency.

Monitor & adjust for optimal efficiency

With a successful implementation of an HGV route planner, fleet managers can monitor and adjust the route planner to ensure they are always optimising their fleet performance. This includes keeping track of fuel costs, driving times, and vehicle routing.

Realising the benefits of an HGV route planner

Properly set up, an HGV truck route planner can help to reduce costs, maximise efficiency and ensure compliance with regulations for optimal fleet management. As one of the leading providers of navigation solutions, Inseego is the ideal solution for businesses looking to set up an HGV route planner.

Moving towards smarter fleet management

By tapping into the latest real-time traffic updates, navigation app guidance, ETA’s and more, businesses can better analyse the performance of their fleet and optimise its performance with an HGV route planner. This can be a huge step in moving towards smarter and more efficient fleet management.

Inseego can help fleet managers with HGV route planning

Tools for a smarter route planner

Inseego provides powerful tools for businesses to build a smarter and more efficient route planner. By plugging into existing fleet management systems, Inseego enables businesses to access a wide range of features to improve their fleet management efforts.

Real-time navigation & traffic data

Inseego provides access to real-time traffic data, helping businesses plan for disruptions, keep drivers on-time, and prepared for diversions / detours. It also provides access to truck navigation apps, helping drivers reduce time spent driving and ensuring the most efficient route.

Monitoring vehicle performance

With Inseego, businesses can monitor the performance of their fleet in real time. This includes tracking average speed, fuel consumption, and delivery times to ensure optimal fleet performance.

Cost calculator & alerts

Inseego also provides businesses with the tools to manage costs more effectively, such as a cost calculator to help predict costs, and alerts to warn when costs are escalating. This can help businesses better plan for their future needs.

24/7 support & training

Inseego also provides 24/7 customer support and a specially designed training program to ensure that businesses get the most out of their HGV route planning efforts. Inseego is a reliable partner in helping businesses optimise the performance of their fleets.

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