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Fleet Management

Fleet Monitoring: Best Practices & Use Cases with Inseego

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Fleet monitoring is a powerful tool used by businesses to optimise fleet operations, ensure driver safety, and reduce fuel costs. Inseego provides a fleet tracking solution with a real-time vehicle tracking system, driver behaviour metrics, and powerful dashboards to help you manage your fleet of vehicles. Here are some tips, best practices, and uses for fleet monitoring software:

Real-Time Data Tracking

Utilise our real-time tracking system to monitor vehicle location and driver behaviour

Real-time tracking can help you stay informed about your vehicles so you can react quickly to any unexpected events. You can track where your vehicles are and how your drivers are performing, all in real time.

Set up notifications about driver ETAs, idling, and overtime.

Our fleet monitoring software can alert you when vehicles need routine maintenance or repairs. This means you can stay on top of vehicle maintenance and ensure your fleet is running optimally.

Fleet Vehicle Maintenance

Monitor and record vehicle maintenance to ensure your fleet is compliant with safety regulations.

Regular maintenance is essential to ensure your vehicles are running at optimal efficiency and meeting safety standards. Our fleet tracking system makes it easy to track and record vehicle maintenance, so you can ensure your fleet is compliant with all relevant safety regulations.

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Use GPS fleet tracking software to track vehicle mileage and schedule preventive maintenance.

Tracking vehicle mileage is essential for monitoring the health and performance of your fleet. With our fleet tracking system, you can easily track your vehicles’ kilometres and schedule preventive maintenance accordingly.

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Set up notifications when vehicles need routine maintenance or repairs.

Our fleet monitoring software can alert you when vehicles need routine maintenance or repairs, so you can stay on top of vehicle maintenance and ensure your fleet is running optimally.

Fleet Driver Safety

Track driver behaviour and get live updates about driver safety

Driver safety is of the utmost importance for all drivers, regardless of the size of their fleet or the type of vehicle they are using. To ensure the safety of drivers, it is important to monitor their driving behaviour and provide feedback when necessary.

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Use our mobile app to get instant updates about your fleet and drivers

Our mobile app provides live updates that allow fleet managers to monitor speeding, harsh braking, and other dangerous driving behaviour in real-time. This allows them to take immediate action to ensure the safety of their drivers.

Make sure drivers are following all regulations and laws

Our driver safety solutions can be tailored to the needs of each fleet. This includes setting specific limits for speeding and other dangerous activities, as well as setting up notifications when those limits are exceeded. Additionally, our solutions can be used to create detailed reports that provide insight into driver safety over time, allowing fleet managers to identify any potential trends or areas of improvement.

Reduce Fleet Costs

Reduce fuel costs by tracking vehicle diagnostics, route planning, and fuel consumption.

  • Use route planning software to find the most efficient routes for each journey, reducing the amount of fuel consumed.
  • Monitor vehicle diagnostics to detect any issues that could be causing fuel inefficiencies, such as worn-out spark plugs or clogged air filters.

Optimise fleet operations with the help of our powerful dash cam and tracking device.

  • Install dash cams and tracking devices on all vehicles to monitor fleet performance in real-time.
  • Use the data generated by the devices to determine the most efficient routes and identify any driver behaviour that could be causing inefficiencies.
  • Analyse the data over time to detect any patterns or trends in fleet performance that could be addressed to further reduce costs.
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Take control of your fleet with Inseego’s powerful software

At Inseego, our fleet management software offers a range of features to help you manage your fleet of vehicles.

From real-time data and vehicle and driver safety, to reduced costs and increased efficiencies, our software is a powerful tool to help you manage your fleet. Plus, our pricing is competitive, with a variety of providers and a warranty on all our tracking devices.

Get in touch with us today and discover how our fleet tracking solution can help you optimise your fleet operations.

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