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Everything You Need to Know About AI Dash Cams

Photograph of a truck's rear view, a truck driver's cabin view, and a dashcam close up.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology has come on leaps and bounds in recent years, revolutionising how we use technology and unlocking infinite possibilities.

In this article, find out what AI dash cams are and discover our innovative AI dash cam solutions.

What is an AI dash cam?

An AI dash cam is a camera on your vehicle that uses AI technology to collect data and insights from your fleet.

The added power of AI technology means that your cameras utilise highly intelligent software to pick up on distracted driving behaviours like using a mobile phone, so you can monitor your fleet drivers and improve fleet safety.

How does an AI dash cam work?

The AI technology and algorithms in these dash cams work by analysing footage taken of your drivers and road users in real-time. It will instantly flag any dangerous driving behaviour (like speeding, harsh breaking, eating, or smoking) to the driver and the fleet managers, preventing any potential accidents and improving driver safety.

Is a rear dash cam necessary?

Having a rear dash cam allows you to capture footage from behind your vehicle, which is useful in the event of a car accident or if the back of your vehicle gets damaged – you can use this footage to investigate and find out what happened.

30+ years of fleet tracking success in the UK

The benefits of an AI dash cam

Correct unsafe driving behaviours

You can use the dual-facing dash camera footage to monitor your fleet’s driving behaviours to improve driver safety and help them correct their bad habits – and/or encourage the drivers to manage this themselves. The AI software can detect high-risk behaviours such as harsh acceleration, braking, tailgating, and cornering.

Protect your drivers

A dash cam can provide context to any traffic accidents, and you can use footage and analytics as video evidence to protect your drivers and business from any false claims or 50:50 claims. Dash cams will record any accidents as they happen, providing context to the situation and helping to identify who is at fault. It also gives your drivers peace of mind to know they are protected.

Discover Inseego’s AI-Powered Fleet Dash Cam

Our Commercial GPS Tracking Dash Cam is fully integrated with our innovative GPS tracking software and packed full of impressive features. It uses powerful AI technology to provide you with a comprehensive range of data and in-cab alerts to make drivers aware of any high-risk driving behaviours, so they can correct them and prevent any accidents or incidents from happening.

What triggers does the dash cam pick up?

The AI technology in the camera will send you notifications and store video footage when certain events take place. These events include:

  • Dangerous driving techniques like speeding, and harsh acceleration, braking or cornering.
  • Identify distracted driving, including when drivers use a mobile phone, eat, drink, or smoke.
  • Additional alerts like if the driver is tampering with the camera or isn’t wearing their seatbelt.
  • When the panic button is pressed.

In the first instance of an event, the camera will send an in-cab alert to the driver so they can correct their behaviour. However, if multiple instances are picked up, our AI technology can send alerts to fleet managers.

Our dash cams will also record when the vehicle is involved in an accident and alert fleet managers when the accident has taken place.

Select the important notifications you want to receive

You can create bespoke profiles for your drivers and pick which notifications you want to receive, allowing you to focus on the driving behaviours that you want to monitor – like distracted driving or speeding.

Monitor your entire vehicle

Our multi-channel system of strong, weatherproof cameras captures HD footage during the day and has a night vision feature to capture clear videos at night. Our system includes road-facing front, rear, and side dash cams as well as driver-facing cameras, allowing you to monitor all the key parts of the vehicle.

Automated, over-the-air updates

You won’t have to change the hardware or bring your dash cams in for a service when they’re due for an update, our automated, over-the-air updates mean that you can easily access the latest features without disrupting your fleet.

Watch real-time footage

Whether you want to investigate a dangerous driving alert or get context for any situation, you can investigate and chase up any notifications through our live camera footage.

Videos are stored on the cloud

Any footage captured on your dash cam is stored in our secure cloud software and you can easily download and save any footage onto your computer.

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