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Inseego launches new support portal to enhance fleet customer experience

Office worker sitting at a desk while browsing through a support portal on their laptop.

Leeds, UK – (May/June 2023) Inseego has further enhanced the unrivalled support it provides fleet customers with the launch of a new online portal. The Customer Self-Service Portal will speed up and simplify the resolution of requests by providing a user-friendly means of raising and tracking support tickets.

“Historically, any customer that needed support had to email or call the office, but with our new portal it becomes a whole lot easier,” explains Chris Wilkosz, Operations Director of Inseego UK Ltd. “It is now possible to avoid phone queues or messy email chains, and instead raise support cases directly with our customer care team. This means that we will be able to improve the customer experience with greater visibility, faster resolution and streamlined communications.”

Fleet customers can now create new support tickets via the portal, which are instantly allocated to one of Inseego’s customer support specialists and given a case reference number for enhanced tracking. Notifications alert to any status changes, enabling customers stay fully up-to- date with the progress of cases without the need call the support centre or send any follow-up emails.

Speaking during the initial testing phase, Ric Wears, Lead Fleet Coordinator at Enterprise Fleet Solutions said: “The portal is user friendly, saving me a lot of my time using the phone to report issues. It has got all the relevant information I need to manage support requests and is easy to attach files or images when required.”

Steve Thomas, Managing Director of Inseego UK Ltd commented: “We are constantly looking at new ways to support our customers, saving them time and money wherever we can. A fleet manager’s time is always at a premium, so our new Customer Self-Service Portal is designed to provide peace of mind that any support query will be dealt with quickly, efficiently, and hassle- free.”

Further details about the Customer Self-Service Portal can be found here.

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