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TAA-Compliant for reduced risk

Ensuring TAA compliance guarantees that our products are manufactured or substantially transformed in the U.S. or designated acceptable countries. This is crucial for government contracts and organizations needing secure, reliable technology. By adhering to these standards, we demonstrate our commitment to quality and trustworthiness, making us a preferred choice for customers prioritizing regulatory compliance and security, thus reducing foreign involvement risks in their network.

FedRAMP-Compliant for government and security-conscious companies 

FedRAMP compliance offers solutions that meet stringent security standards for cloud services used by U.S. federal agencies. This compliance guarantees that our 5G portfolio adheres to rigorous data protection, risk management, and continuous monitoring requirements. As a result, organizations seeking reliable and secure cloud solutions can trust us to provide products that not only meet but exceed federal security standards, making them an attractive choice for government and security-conscious customers.

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Inseego's SD-Edge: AWS & Azure GovCloud hosting

Our SD-WAN & SASE cloud management software, hosted on AWS & Azure GovCloud, ensures robust security and compliance for U.S. government agencies. This capability allows government entities to leverage cutting-edge network and cellular technology while meeting rigorous regulatory standards, positioning us as a trusted provider for secure and compliant cloud-based software.

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FIPS 140-2 Certified

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TAA Compliant

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Compatible with Azure & AWS Government cloud

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FIPS 140-2 Certification: Leading the way in data security

With our FIPS 140-2 certified cryptographic module, we ensure top-tier security for data encryption and protection. This certification, mandated by the U.S. federal government for cryptographic products, validates that our solutions meet stringent security standards essential for protecting sensitive information. As a result, organizations needing robust cybersecurity can trust us to deliver reliable and compliant solutions, further strengthening their position as a leader in secure technology offerings.

CIPA-Compliant for safe internet usage

CIPA-compliance is crucial for educational institutions that receive federal funding, as it mandates the implementation of internet safety measures to protect minors. By providing cloud management software that includes web-filtering and network routing to aid in CIPA compliance, we demonstrate a commitment to safe and secure internet access in educational settings, making us a preferred choice for schools and libraries seeking reliable and compliant broadband solutions.

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Simplifying government procurement through GSA Schedule availability

We set ourselves apart from competitors by offering products through the GSA Schedule under TD Synnex, making it easier for government agencies to procure our solutions. Being listed on the General Services Administration (GSA) Schedule ensures that our products meet federal procurement standards and are readily accessible for purchase by government entities. This availability streamlines the acquisition process for agencies seeking secure and reliable technology solutions.

The funding opportunities we qualify for

Bridging the digital divide with BEAD funding

Our portfolio includes 4G LTE/5G devices providing fixed connectivity solutions, all compatible with CBRS, including both Band 48 and Band N48, enabling qualification for the BEAD program under Code 71. By leveraging our fixed outdoor CPE solutions we can offer cost-effective broadband services to underserved or unserved areas that are typically difficult or expensive to reach with traditional cable or fiber connections.

Helping schools & libraries qualify for E-Rate funding

Our devices and services qualify for Category II funding through the E-Rate program, offering 5G fixed wireless access for high-speed internet in schools and libraries. Our cloud management software also supports CIPA compliant solutions for student safety online. With affordable, reliable, and secure connectivity, we are an ideal choice for schools and libraries seeking E-Rate funding to promote digital equity and bridge the digital skills gap.

Promoting digital equity for all Americans

We strive to promote digital equity by offering affordable and reliable broadband services in underserved areas. Our fixed wireless access portfolio includes outdoor CPE solutions that can cover networks up to 20 kilometers, making them a great fit for rural low-income communities. With our advanced cloud management platform, it's easier than ever to manage and deploy broadband solutions in these areas through centralized device management and enhanced network routing.