5G SD EDGE ZTNA Broker quick start guide


Follow these steps in the order provided to set up your ZTNA Broker.

Step one: obtain an Open Virtual Appliance (OVA)

Contact your Inseego Sales representative to obtain an OVA.

Step two: deploy the OVA

Refer to the VM deployment guide.

Step three: configure port forwarding and any necessary firewall rules

Refer to Configure port forwarding and any necessary firewall rules.

Step four: onboard ZTNA Broker to EDGE Manager

Refer to Onboard ZTNA Broker to EDGE Manager.

Step five: configure ZTNA Broker in EDGE Manager

Refer to Configure ZTNA Broker in EDGE Manager.

Step six: use a local, external RADIUS or Azure AD account

You can use a local account (default), an external RADIUS account, or an Azure AD account for initial testing.

Step seven: create a Wi-Fi template with an enterprise SSID

Refer to Create a Wi-Fi template with an enterprise SSID.

Step eight: verify SSID functionality

Refer to Verify SSID functionality.

Step nine: review audit logs (optional)

Refer to Review audit logs.

Step ten: add local users on ZTNA Broker (optional)

Refer to Add local users on ZTNA Broker.

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