EDGE Manager quick start guide

Initialize EDGE Manager

Ignore various errors in script unless they break something.

cd /opt/inseego/bin/edge_manager
python3 em_initialise.py
Please choose DHCP or Static Deployment
Enter 1 for DHCP or 2 for Static: 1
Is your EM behind NAT? (Y/N): y
Please enter VM details
Enter VM ip address: whateverIPorDOMAINgoeshere.com
Do you want to use NTP pool (pool.ntp.org)? Y/N: y
Is HTTPS enable? Y/N: y
Please enter 1 to use default port (7001) for device service or press 2 to enter your port number for device service: 1
Enter your Domain Name: whateverIPorDOMAINgoeshere.com
Note :: Please place your ssl certificates at /ssl/certs

Wait five minutes or so for the database/apps to initialize.

Verify EDGE Manager is up via browsing out to your EDGE Manager, using https:// and the public domain you created (refer to Planning section).