What is LTE Advanced?

LTE Advanced is a mobile communication standard that builds upon the foundation set by the original LTE standard. LTE Advanced offers a number of enhancements over the original LTE standard, including higher data rates, higher system capacity, and lower latency.

LTE Advanced is an evolutionary step forward for the LTE standard, and it promises to provide a number of benefits for mobile users. LTE Advanced is designed to offer higher data rates than the original LTE standard, making it more suitable for data-intensive applications such as streaming video and audio. LTE Advanced is also designed to offer higher system capacity, meaning that more users can be supported on the same network. Finally, LTE Advanced is designed to offer lower latency, making it more responsive for real-time applications such as VoIP and online gaming.

LTE Advanced is not a completely new standard, but rather an evolution of the existing LTE standard. As such, it is backwards compatible with LTE, meaning that LTE Advanced devices will be able to communicate with LTE devices on the same network.

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