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Inseego Manage

Software Suite Advances Device-to-Cloud Management for Service Providers and Enterprises

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As service providers and enterprises embark on 5G implementations, it becomes increasingly important that they can access and control all aspects of their device deployments and provide edge security. The biggest challenge they face is the costs and headaches of managing and monitoring geographically dispersed devices and IoT deployments.

Inseego Manage brings management of hundreds or thousands of Inseego devices into a secure user-friendly and IT-friendly interface, letting you minimize cost and gain higher business productivity. 

Inseego Manage is a collection of SaaS-based software modules that are designed to deliver advanced remote monitoring, in-depth device configuration, trusted security services, real-time analytics, and other capabilities that Inseego customers require. 

The integrated Inseego Manage platform represents an entirely new way to manage devices in the emerging 5G infrastructure – with subscription-based activation, authentication, setup, diagnostics, control, monitoring, security, and support.

The suite currently includes:

Inseego Subscribe:
Subscription management service Inseego Subscribe is a multi-tiered telecom procurement and subscription management platform for wireless assets. With Subscribe, service providers can offer tailored shopping experiences to their largest enterprise and government customers. Customers can manage subscriptions, devices, and run reporting to monitor usage and expenses.

Inseego Connect:
Inseego Connect enables individuals and IT teams to easily manage remote configuration of any number of devices, in addition to monitoring device health with a rich library of alarms and reports. Powerful dashboards and analytics provide visibility into how devices are being utilized while real-time troubleshooting delivers diagnostic insights that eliminate the need for on-site support and costly truck rolls. For true mobility, IT teams can use Connect from their cloud-based web interface, or take it on the go with the mobile app.

Inseego Secure: 
Inseego Secure is a new solution designed to deliver comprehensive, unified cybersecurity for the 4G LTE and 5G WAN edge with real-time threat detection and mitigation across endpoints, 5G connections and the cloud. This solution will be commercially available in Q1 2021.

Inseego Care:
Dedicated support service offers phone, live chat and knowledge base access; rapid return merchandise authorization (RMA) replacement and help with device deployment configuration.

Inseego Manage subscriptions are priced by device and can be purchased individually or in a bundle of one or more applications—with long-term contract options available for both 5G and 4G LTE endpoint hardware.

Rely on Inseego Manage to control, manage, monitor and secure Inseego devices in real time to identify problems before they happen, for business continuity.

Streamlined deployment

Remotely configure device settings

Easy monitoring

Analyze key health metrics, track data usage and device location

Centralized management

Set data usage alerts, troubleshoot connections, perform device diagnostics

Informative dashboards

Intuitive overviews of inventory, data usage, device locations and more



  • Lifecycle management of Inseego devices
  • Simplifies deployments of Inseego devices
  • Device management capabilities for service providers and enterprises
  • SaaS-based software
  • Advanced remote monitoring
  • Configure and manage devices remotely
  • In-depth device configuration
  • Trusted edge security services
  • Real-time analytics
  • View device information
  • User-friendly analytics and reporting
  • Assign role-based permissions for individual users
  • Monitor & track data usage
  • Set and monitor alerts

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