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Fleet Management

The Advantages of Fleet Management Systems

Fleet manager looking at a tablet while standing in front of a few trucks and cargo boxes.

Managing an entire fleet involves juggling a variety of different activities at once. As well as fleet vehicle acquisition, financing and maintenance, there’s also driver behaviour and driver safety to think about. After all, fleets operate in complex, risky environments that are highly regulated.

Effective and efficient fleet management benefits commercial fleets of all sizes across key industries – that’s where fleet management systems come into play.

In this article, discover 5 key benefits of fleet management systems and explore our cutting-edge fleet management solutions.

Which industries can benefit from fleet management systems?

Companies spanning a wide spectrum of sectors and industries can benefit from fleet management solutions. The industries that tend to benefit most from fleet management include transportation, distribution and logistics and field service. However, companies that can also benefit from fleet management include construction companies, public utility organisations, and government agencies.

5 benefits of fleet management systems

GPS tracking to manage your fleet with ease

Fleet management software offers improved efficiency, with most fleet tracking systems integrating directly with vehicle tracking devices to give you accurate, real-time data. Implementing fleet management software can give you eyes on every vehicle in your fleet at all times, even if they are scattered across the country. Additional fleet tracking apps give you visibility into fleet operations no matter where you, or they, are.

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Get automated alerts and reminders for vehicle maintenance and repairs

Another major benefit of fleet management software is the ability to receive automated notifications, updates and alerts about key aspects such as driver behaviour, vehicle idling, route deviation, etc. You can also set reminders for key things like scheduled preventative maintenance or vehicle repairs. Avoid preventable breakdowns and unscheduled downtime.

Create custom reports to review key data

Analyse vehicle tracking data and statistics with the ability to compile critical data quickly and efficiently. Geofencing or other telematics reports can give you valuable insight into your operations process and how it could be streamlined and optimised to help fortify your fleet.

Manage your fleet’s fuel usage and fuel costs

Another key component of fleet management is fuel management and reducing costs. With the ability to track and monitor the fuel consumption of your commercial vehicles on specific routes or across particular distances, fleet owners can understand which vehicles consume less fuel. What’s more, fleet management software can provide insights into driving habits that contribute to fuel wastage, ultimately helping your business reduce its carbon footprint.

Improve driver safety

Fleet management software usually includes ‘driver management’ or ‘driver behaviour’ features with a video recording component. This way, driver habits and behaviour can be monitored to help improve safety standards and reduce the risk of accidents, injuries and vehicular damage.

Discover Inseego’s powerful fleet management solutions

Now that you are aware of just some of the many advantages of fleet management technology and systems, find out how our fleet management solutions can help you:

  • Streamline your day-to-day administration and supervision activities
  • Boost your fleet’s operational efficiency
  • Reduce fleet maintenance costs
  • Keep your drivers and assets safe and secure

Driver monitoring

Uncover opportunities to monitor driver performance and reduce risk.

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GPS fleet tracking

Leverage real-time GPS fleet tracking data.

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AI dash-cams

Help prevent accidents with powerful driver dash cams.

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Asset tracking

Keep track of all your fleet assets with powerful tracking software.

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PTO and sensor monitoring

Track peripheral vehicle equipment more effectively.

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API integration

Integrate fleet management software with your existing business systems.

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