GPS Van Tracking Systems

GPS tracking systems for vans offer many advantages to business owners such as improving fleet productivity, reducing fuel consumption, automating timesheet  records and increasing overall utilisation.

What are the benefits of GPS van tracking?

Adding vehicle trackers to your vans (alongside GPS vehicle tracking and asset tracking) offers a range of benefits that can improve the profitability of your business. Pricing for installing tracking devices can soon be recovered through savings in several different areas:

Fuel costs - Van tracking systems can detect driving that wastes fuel including unnecessary idling or speeding.

Vehicle security - A real-time GPS van tracker can monitor for unauthorised use, or vehicle tampering, for greater peace of mind. Alerts for movement (e.g. outside a designated geofence) can be sent via SMS, and live tracking can be provided for faster recovery of a stolen van.

Safety - Driver safety can be improved using van tracking devices to monitor unsafe driver behaviour such as speeding, harsh braking or acceleration. Automated timesheets are available to automate collection of driving hours, to help make sure all drivers stay within safe driving limits. Add dashcams for real-time driver safety monitoring.

Maintenance - With accurate tracking of vehicle mileage, you can make sure vans are serviced only when needed, and warranty claims are recovered in full. Maintaining vans based on actual vehicle metrics and trouble code reports can increase the vehicle’s lifespan and reduce downtime.

Productivity - Van tracking devices provide fleet managers with an accurate picture of how vehicles are being used, at what jobs and by who. These utilisation reports can improve the accuracy of employee timesheets.

How do I use telematics with van trackers?

Telematics, or vehicle tracking systems, can be linked to your van tracking devices to create a fully featured monitoring solution that fleet managers can access from anywhere with an internet connection.

Options to monitor or report on vehicle tracking devices include using a desktop computer’s internet browser, or a mobile phone and mobile app . You can also choose to receive SMS alert notifications for special events that require more immediate attention.

These tools link your fleet management software with your van tracking devices, providing an effective window on the real-time activity of fleet vans, and other tracked assets.

GPS trackers can be used to track more than just vans

Irish fleets are using GPS trackers for more than just tracking vans. Today, GPS trackers are available for a wide range of uses, and are a tracking solution for different types of assets, and tracking different business metrics.

No matter where a company’s assets are located in Ireland (or around the world) GPS tracking devices provide them with an up-to-the-minute vehicle locations and entire picture of fleet operations, from non-powered assets like shipping containers and trailers, to company vehicles, construction equipment and heavy trucks.

API technology can also link your GPS tracked assets with your other business systems, such as ERP, CRM or logistics software, to improve business reporting and assist customer support teams.

Frequently asked questions

What is a van tracker?

A van tracker is normally a GPS vehicle tracker unit fitted to a van for the purpose of monitoring the van, and making sure it is driven in a safe and responsible manner. These GPS tracking units can be self-installed, plugged into a vehicle OBD port, or hard-wired into the vehicles CAN-Bus system by a professional installer. Commonly, vans used by delivery drivers, or maintenance technicians who work on-site, are fitted with a van tracker to assist companies to plan and optimise routing and schedule jobs and deliveries.

What does a tracker on a van do?

Van tracking devices are GPS trackers that report data, such as location or speed, to connected van tracking software (also known as telematics software, or fleet management software). The tracker is normally connected to the engine and starts reporting (using a built-in SIM card and a mobile data connection) when the engine is turned on.

Can I use the GPS van tracker for fleet management?

Yes, van trackers (also known as GPS tracking devices or units) can be included as part of your total fleet management software solution. They are connected and activated in the same way as other GPS car trackers, and provide the same tracking metrics (location, speed, movement etc.). Additional sensors can be added to trackers to monitor metrics that might be specifically required by the business. For example, open doors, in addition to the usual location data.

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