What is fleet management, and why is it important?

Businesses with moving assets —lorries, cars, vans, construction machinery, and more — need a good system to keep track of where their assets are, and how they are being used. They need to make sure assets are being used efficiently, safely and securely. This becomes even more critical as businesses accumulate more assets, and grow their operations.
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What is geofencing, and how does it help with fleet management?

A geofence is a virtual boundary that works with your GPS fleet management software to detect when assets move in and out of designated zones, or a geographical location.
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The Advantages of Fleet Management Systems

Fleet management systems offer a variety of benefits for companies across different industries, including improved efficiency, automated alerts and reminders, the ability to create custom reports, and improved driver safety.
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7 Ways Vehicle Tracking Can Reduce Your Business Costs

We are often asked to explain the benefits of vehicle tracking and what it can do to help drive down costs. Years of experience have shown us that both fleet managers and business owners are often surprised by the efficiency savings they can make by employing a vehicle tracking solution.
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9 Fleet Management Tips for Keeping Your HGV Drivers Safe

Driving a large vehicle isn’t like your average office job, which is why health and safety take on a very different meaning for fleet managers. That’s the reality of dealing with a human being at the head of several tons of machinery!
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Driver Behaviour Monitoring & Your Business

The way your employees drive can have a much bigger impact on your business than either they or you might think.
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What is Telematics?

In a very broad sense, telematics can be used to reference a range of systems, including the internet itself. However, these days, it is more commonly used to apply to vehicle telematics, where location information (GPS tracking) and diagnostics data are collected in real-time to manage a business fleet — cars, trucks, and other assets.
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11 Fleet Management Problems – And How Fleet Tracking Systems Can Help You Solve Them

Fleet managers face various challenges every day. What many don’t realise is that technology has now advanced to the point where many of challenges can be solved.
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5 ways telematics reduces fleet maintenance costs

It might seem obvious that effective fleet maintenance management is a good long-term policy. It prevents unnecessary breakdowns, helps with improving productivity and meeting customer service targets, and reduces the chances of accidents caused by mechanical faults. But did you know using telematics to manage your fleet maintenance can help you both improve your maintenance scheduling and reduce overall costs?
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