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What is Customer Premise Equipment (CPE)?

Customer premise equipment (CPE) is the telecommunications equipment that is installed at a customer's location, typically at their home or business. This equipment is used to connect the customer's premises to the public switched telephone network (PSTN) or other networks.

CPE can include a wide variety of equipment, such as telephone handsets, modems, routers, and other devices. In many cases, the CPE is provided by the customer's service provider, although the customer may also choose to purchase and install their own CPE.

What is CPE used for?

CPE for Telecommunications

Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) is used for telecommunications applications such as Voice over IP (VoIP) and digital video. CPE devices enable the delivery of voice and video services over IP networks. It is important to note that CPE devices are typically owned and managed by the service provider, not the customer. CPE devices are responsible for providing a connection between the customer’s premises and the service provider’s network.

CPE for Internet Access

Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) is also used for internet access. CPE devices enable the delivery of high-speed internet to customers. CPE devices are used to provide customers with a connection to the internet, as well as access to online services such as streaming video and online gaming.

CPE for Networking

CPE devices are also used for networking applications. CPE devices enable customers to create local area networks (LANs) and connect multiple devices together. CPE devices can also be used to provide secure wireless access to the internet. This is important for businesses that need to provide secure access to their networks. CPE devices are also used in large-scale enterprise networks, where they provide connectivity between multiple locations.

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What types of CPE exist?

  • Modems
  • Routers
  • Switches
  • Wireless Access Points
  • Set-top boxes
  • VoIP Phones
  • WAN devices & LAN devices
  • Other Networking Equipment

What are the benefits of using a CPE?

Using CPE offers a variety of benefits that can help businesses maximise their network performance and efficiency. Here are some of the key benefits of using CPE:

1. Improved Network Performance: CPE provides businesses with access to high-speed network connections, allowing them to handle more network traffic and improve their overall network performance.

2. Cost Savings: By using CPE, businesses can avoid having to purchase and maintain their own network equipment, resulting in significant cost savings.

3. Improved Scalability: CPE is designed to be easily scalable, allowing businesses to quickly and easily expand their networks as their needs grow.

4. Enhanced Security: CPE provides businesses with an additional layer of security, as they typically have more robust security features built-in, such as firewalls, VPNs, and advanced encryption.

Overall, CPE offers businesses a variety of benefits that can help them improve their network performance, reduce costs, and enhance their data centres & network security. By using CPE, companies can ensure business needs for internet service are met & that their networks will operate at optimal levels.

The quality of the CPE matters

The type of CPE that is installed can have a significant impact on the quality and reliability of the customer's telecommunications network service. For example, a high-quality router can help to ensure that internet connections are fast and reliable, while a low-quality router may result in slow and unreliable connections.

CPE can also be used to add features and functionality to a customer's telecom data service. For example, a customer may choose to install a VoIP adapter to their CPE in order to use VoIP services.

In general, CPE is an important part of telecommunications service & infrastructure and can have a significant impact on the quality and reliability of service.

Inseego offers Outdoor CPE for 5G Connectivity

Inseego offers a comprehensive portfolio of Outdoor CPE devices for 5G & LTE broadband connectivity. These devices are designed to deliver the highest levels of performance, reliability, and security. Our Outdoor CPE devices are capable of providing a smooth and efficient connection experience, even in challenging environments. They are also equipped with advanced features such as 4x4 Multi-User MIMO, advanced antenna technology, and integrated AI-driven analytics. Inseego’s Outdoor CPE devices are the perfect solution for service providers looking to offer 5G services in rural locations.

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