Trailer GPS tracking

Managing trailers is a lot more effective when they’re fitted with GPS trackers, making it quick and easy to locate available trailers, while improving security.

These asset trackers are perfect for non-powered assets like trailers, and have replaceable lithium batteries with a long battery life. GPS trailer tracking devices have sensors that can send location updates, low battery warnings or geofence alerts to a mobile app or SMS.

Use trailer GPS trackers to manage all your assets in one place

Combining real-time asset tracking with GPS vehicle tracking simplifies your fleet management, and improves resource utilisation across your entire fleet.

Using one tracking system for all your GPS tracking devices not only increases efficiency, but consolidates your telematics reporting for better business decision making.

Run-time reports also help you to right-size your trailer fleet; unused trailers can be sold off or reassigned.

Trailer track with custom alerts

Our tracking solutions work with a range of different tracking devices so you can have the best trailer GPS tracker for your specific requirements, including custom alerts for trailer movements.

  • The trailer is moved outside a specific area (using geofencing functionality), for example, it exits or enters a yard.
  • The trailer is moved or accessed outside of regular hours.
  • An accelerometer can send alerts for impact, sudden braking or acceleration, and tipping events.
  • Maintenance reminders based on mileage.
  • Low battery warning (long life batteries can last up to 10 years).
  • An attached sensor (e.g. door open) detects a problem that needs attention.

Alerts can be sent in real time by SMS or using a mobile app (Android or iOS).

Easy installation

These tamper-proof trailer tracking devices are simple and quick to install, in both powered assets or non-powered (using battery-powered trackers with a 10 year battery life, and use replaceable/rechargeable lithium batteries).

Install, activate and start live tracking your trailers.

Track trailers across Australia, including remote locations.

A range of connection options include 4G LTE, Bluetooth Low Energy, LoRaWAN®, Sigfox or A GPS (Assisted GPS) allow you to track your trailers just about anywhere, as well as connecting to local private networks.

Frequently asked questions

Can I put a tracker on my trailer?

Yes, you can add a GPS tracker to your trailer and manage it with the rest of your mobile assets.

Can semi trailers have GPS?

In addition to tracking the truck rig, an additional asset tracker can be added to each trailer to help speed up locating available trailers and improve security (or recovery in the event it is stolen).

How much do trailer trackers cost?

Pricing for a trailer track system can vary depending on what functionality you need, how many asset trackers you need and what warranty options you choose. Contact us to get pricing for your real-time GPS trailer track solution.

How long do batteries for trailer trackers last?

GPS asset trackers used in trailers can have a 10-year battery life span. They are often rechargeable (and replaceable) lithium batteries, and small enough to fit inside the tracking unit.

How often do trailer trackers report their location?

When the trailer is not moving, it generally reports its location every four hours. When the tracking unit detects movement, this reporting frequency can increase to every minute.

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