Construction Equipment Tracking Solutions

To help with preventing theft and minimising downtime, real-time GPS trackers can be a valuable asset for Australian construction companies. GPS tracking devices are available for all types of assets from large construction vehicles to small, hand-held tools.

Why should the construction industry use GPS tracking solutions?

Some of the main reasons owners of construction businesses in Australia are using GPS tracking software is to improve the security of their equipment and increase asset utilisation. Other benefits include better maintenance, faster locating of needed tools and equipment, and less downtime on the job.

There are different options available for adding GPS asset tracking to construction equipment or tools, and what you choose will depend on the asset:

  • Powered/Non-powered assets - Does it have a power source the GPS asset tracker can connect to, or will the tracking device need to provide its own power (battery powered with long-life batteries)?
  • Network connection - Real-time asset tracking requires the GPS tracker to report its location, and this means connecting to a network. One option is to use Bluetooth tags (no SIM card required) which connect to a local network. Commonly, for direct links to the internet, a cellular data connection (e.g. LTE/4G) is used (SIM card with data plan required). The SIM card also allows the tracker to send SMS messages. Additional connections, via wifi, or iridium satellite networks enable tracking devices to work in a wide range of environments.
  • Extra sensors - What information does the GPS tracker need to report? If additional information is needed, such as engine diagnostics, then custom sensors can be connected to the GPS tracker.

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Frequently asked questions

Are apps for mobile construction crew supervisors available?

Yes, apps for both Android and Apple (iPhone and iPad) devices (phones or tablets) are available that allow mobile managers to quickly access location information for equipment or receive important notifications relating to tracked assets.

How do GPS tool trackers minimise theft?

GPS tracking devices fitted to tools can detect movement, and send an alert if moved outside of a designated area (geofence). These alerts can either prevent theft or speed up recovery, with real-time location tracking information provided to your security team or the police. This extra layer of protection provides business owners with more peace of mind, while helping to minimise downtime due to missing tools.

What types of trackers are used for small tools?

For smaller construction tools, such as handheld power tools, trackers are generally Bluetooth devices that connect to a nearby network. This allows the tracker to be smaller and have a longer battery life, and without the need for a SIM card. They can also work in areas where there is no GPS (or Glonass) signal available, such as underground.

If you want live tracking GPS functionality for your tools, then you will need GPS trackers. These can connect to the internet using a SIM card (e.g. LTE/GSM). In some areas, LoRaWAN (and other IOT technologies), may be an available option to provide real-time location updates.

What is asset tracking in construction?

Primarily, when we refer to asset tracking we are talking about assets (any construction equipment, from large earthmovers to small handheld tools) that can report their real-time location (as well as other information) to a telematics software solution (accessible on a desktop computer or mobile device).

What do construction GPS tracking solutions do?

Many construction businesses in Australia are now using GPS trackers to minimise theft of tools and other equipment, as well improving utilisation and reducing the need to rent simply because it’s too difficult to find the tools they already own.

What are the benefits of construction GPS tracking systems?

Many Australian construction companies are moving to comprehensive GPS tracking solutions for their equipment, with lower pricing on GPS tracking devices and tool trackers, and benefits related to security, safety, productivity and time-saving.

GPS trackers, or tracking devices in general, are an effective anti-theft measure using geofencing and GPS technology to detect movement and trigger alerts when moved outside of a designated area or outside regular working hours.

Tracking can also help to minimise downtime on the job by improving outdoor asset maintenance (through automated usage reporting) and faster locating of equipment needed.

Asset safety can also be improved with GPS trackers able to report engine metrics directly to a mobile app or mobile phone for equipment managers to respond before there is an accident or mechanical failure.

Construction fuel costs can be reduced with automated monitoring of fuel consumption, helping to prevent theft and making sure expenses are allocated to the correct job. Irregular fuel use can be investigated to see if the way equipment is being used could be improved, similar to how GPS vehicle trackers reduce fuel consumption in regular fleet tracking solutions.

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