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What is eMBB?

eMBB is a term used in the telecommunications industry to refer to "enhanced Mobile Broadband". It is a term used to describe networks and services that offer a significantly higher level of performance and speed than traditional mobile broadband services.

eMBB networks are designed to provide users with a much richer and more immersive mobile broadband experience. They offer speeds that are significantly faster than those of traditional mobile broadband services, and they also offer a much higher level of capacity and reliability.In addition to offering enhanced performance, eMBB networks also provide users with a range of new and innovative features and services. These include things like virtual reality and augmented reality capabilities, ultra-high definition video streaming, and much more.

The eMBB standard is still in its early stages of development, but it is already clear that it has the potential to revolutionise the mobile broadband industry. In the coming years, we are likely to see a rapid expansion of eMBB networks and services, as more and more operators begin to roll out these next-generation networks.

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