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What is Last Mile Delivery Tracking and why is it important for fleet businesses?

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Last-mile delivery tracking is an essential part of the logistics and delivery process for many businesses in the UK. Last-mile delivery is the final miles in a delivery service and is often the most complex step when it comes to e-commerce package tracking. By tracking the last-mile delivery process, businesses can provide customers with better visibility of delivery status, faster shipping times, and enhanced customer satisfaction.

What challenges do UK businesses face in Last Mile Delivery?

The last mile of the delivery process is typically the most challenging when it comes to delivery services. It involves many processes, from managing customer expectations to implementing logistics and operational processes. Businesses face several issues with last-mile delivery tracking, such as an inability to track packages in real-time, manual tracking processes, lack of customer notifications, inconsistent delivery times, lack of tracking numbers, and poor customer service.

Potential problems with manual tracking

Manual tracking of the last mile of the delivery process can be time-consuming and prone to errors. Tracking orders manually can also lead to customer dissatisfaction as orders can be lost or delayed. Manual processes also lack the flexibility to respond to changing customer needs, such as same-day deliveries or changing delivery dates.

The benefits of Last Mile Delivery Tracking for fleet businesses

Last-mile delivery tracking can offer many benefits for UK businesses, from reducing costs to improving customer experience. Real-time tracking for last-mile delivery, automated alert notifications, route optimisation, and tracking technologies can help improve the efficiency and functionality of last-mile delivery, as well as offer savings on fuel and labour costs.

Real-time tracking

Real-time tracking is an essential component of tracking the last mile of a delivery service. By tracking delivery vehicle in real-time, businesses can monitor their progress and route as they move through the network ensuring that they arrive on time as expected. This type of tracking also allows businesses to track their assets in real-time and reduce risks of lost or stolen packages.

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Advanced analytics

Advanced analytics allow businesses to gain deeper insights into the delivery fleet, such as how long it takes for vehicles to reach their final destination or how many had to deviate set route. This type of data can then be used to optimise delivery routes and improve customer service.

Improved scheduling

Tracking technologies can be used to improve scheduling, such as monitoring the availability of delivery drivers in real time and ensuring the optimal delivery time based on live conditions. This ensures that parcels are shipped as quickly and efficiently as possible and that customers are notified of delivery times well in advance.

Automated alerts

Last-mile delivery tracking also allows businesses to set automated alerts when the delivery vehicle nears their final destination. This allows customers to be notified when their packages are about to arrive, and it also allows businesses to access the tracking status of their parcels. Automated alerts can also be used to provide customers with real-time updates on the delivery.

Reduced costs

Using last-mile delivery tracking, businesses can reduce costs associated with shipping, such as fuel and labour costs. Tracking systems can provide detailed data about how much time it takes to complete a delivery route and help identify areas in which cost savings can be implemented.

Improved customer experience

Real-time tracking for last-mile delivery can significantly improve the customer experience, as customers can track their orders in real-time and be notified when parcels arrive at their final destination. This transparency helps to build trust with customers, as well as improve customer satisfaction.

Inseego’s fleet solutions for Last Mile Delivery Tracking

Inseego’s fleet solutions provide UK businesses with a comprehensive last-mile delivery tracking system. Inseego’s fleet management platform provides advanced tracking technologies, allowing businesses to monitor real-time deliveries and ensure they are delivered on time and to the correct address. Inseego’s platform also offers cost savings through automation, improved customer experience with automated alert notifications, and improved transparency through real-time tracking.

Integrating Geofences with Last Mile Delivery Tracking

Inseego's geofences allow businesses to create virtual boundaries around delivery locations, and automatically receive notifications when parcels have arrived. This ensures that the delivery process is tracked from start to finish and allows businesses to monitor the location of their parcels in real-time.

Cost Savings Through Automation

Inseego’s API platform is designed to automate the last-mile delivery process. Vehicle location data is sent to 3rd party systems, which then handle routing, scheduling, etc. in real-time. By automating this delivery process, businesses can reduce costs associated with shipping, such as fuel and labour costs. Automating the delivery process also helps to reduce human errors and improve the customer experience.

Real-time visibility of your fleet

In order to effectively track last-mile delivery, businesses need real-time visibility of their fleet. With Inseego’s GPS fleet tracking, businesses can access detailed tracking information such as vehicle location, driver performance data, trip histories, and speed limits. This provides businesses with a comprehensive view of their fleet, so they can monitor the last-mile delivery process in real-time and ensure that packages are delivered on time, to the correct address, and with proof of delivery.

Last Mile Delivery Tracking in the UK is critical for business success

Last-mile delivery tracking is an essential tool for the success of many businesses in the UK. With advanced tracking technology, businesses can gain better visibility into their supply chain and provide customers with a better delivery experience with real-time information, ETA notifications, and automated alerts.

Inseego's fleet solutions offer a comprehensive Last-Mile Delivery Tracking solution for UK businesses

Inseego's fleet solutions provide a comprehensive last-mile delivery tracking solution for UK businesses. The platform provides advanced tracking technologies to monitor deliveries in real-time, cost savings through automation, improved customer experience with automated alerts, and improved transparency in the delivery process. With Inseego's fleet solutions, businesses can ensure their deliveries are tracked from start to finish and delivered on time and to the correct address.

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