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Northumbrian Water track drivers and vans

Northumbrian Water


Industry: Water and wastewater treatment

Fleet Details: Vans & Light Comercial Vehicles

Fleet Size: 815

Northumbrian Water Limited (NWL) has teamed up with Inseego to develop and implement an advanced telematics solution that will help improve road safety, increase asset utilisation and reduce fuel costs. Web-based Inseego software will be used, in combination with driver identification and real-time feedback tools, across a fleet of 900 vans used by the mobile workforce of Northumbrian Water and Essex & Suffolk Water that operate in the north and south-east of England.

The telematics solution was selected following a competitive tender process based on the superior functionality and ease of use of the technology, along with Inseego's core values and partnership approach. Inseego will replace a legacy system that was being used to schedule unplanned maintenance jobs, so NWL will significantly expand its tracking capabilities and increase the availability of operational insight and business intelligence within the organisation. Before going live, the tracking system has been used to collect six months of base data, which will enable accurate performance analysis and the measurement of return on investment.

Fleet Tracking

The telematics solution will be used to support five areas of the business – maintenance, water treatment, meter reading, commercial services, and wastewater – across both the Northumbrian Water and Essex & Suffolk Water operations. The fleet and scheduling teams, based at NWL’s headquarters in Durham, will be using the system daily, while a large number of business and operations managers will have controlled access to relevant information. An executive dashboard will also be used to provide a summary of business-critical data to the senior management team.

With NWL operating a pool of fleet vehicles across multiple engineers, the company will use a driver identification system to gain greater understanding of the status and whereabouts of its engineering team. By separating driver and vehicle data, the company will be able to monitor and report on six key performance indicators – driver behaviour, speeding, compliance, working times, utilisation, and fuel costs. The information will also be used to support the investigation of vehicle collisions and fleet-related complaints from members of the public.

Behaviour Monitoring

The dashboard-mounted Driver Behaviour Indicator (DBI) will alert engineers of any infringements when on the road and encourage improved performance behind the wheel. Green, amber, and red lights will display a cumulative series of warnings, while a sustained period of improved driving will allow the lights to be cleared. A Driver App will also provide access to an individual driver score that can be viewed alongside a company average score. A breakdown will include harsh acceleration, braking, and cornering, as well as speeding and excess idling, with a peer comparison for each, so engineers can understand their areas of improvement.

“Safety, and in particular protecting our drivers, is a priority for the business, so we needed a telematics solution that would not only focus on operational performance but also contribute to the wellbeing of our employees. Improving driver behaviour is key to operating responsibly, and the Inseego solution will prove to be hugely valuable moving forward. The speed, simplicity, and accessibility of the system mean it can be used to support a wide range of business and operational functions as well as target continuous improvement.”

– Kate Wilson, Fleet Manager of Northumbrian Water Limited

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